Many years ago – but not too many – I was a young student in England, away from home for the first time. Desperate for a taste of home, I ventured into the kitchen for the first time to make my very first meal: kai pullo, or Chinese-style five-spice-accented pork belly and boiled egg stew.

I have always loved Thai food. Growing up in the palace, I experienced the traditions and artistry that go with cooking top-flight Thai food first-hand. I was also lucky enough to have as a mentor my father, MR Thanadsri Svasti, who was – and remains – a pioneer in the realm of food education in Thailand. He is a brilliant man, able to parse very complicated concepts and ideas about food into language that is readily accessible and engaging for the layman. My love of Thai food (and, hopefully, some of my ability to translate the intricacies of Thai food to a wider audience) come from him. But it took me a while before I realized food would be my calling. As a young college student at Georgetown, I was studying to become a diplomat. Then something else happened. I saw Julia Child on TV, put an apron on, started cooking, and my life changed. I got a job as a lunch cook at the Back Porch Café in Delaware. I began voraciously studying everything food-related that I could get my hands on. It was as if someone had turned the lights on in a very dark room. I never looked back. Today, I consider myself a diplomat of sorts; only this time, the medium is food. Whether on television, through my lecture series, or via this website, I have spent a lot of time in many different places showing people exactly why I think Thai food is so special. People all over the world are interested in learning about Thai cuisine – its origins, history and ongoing evolution – as well as the fundamentals that make Thai food the marvel that it is. “I believe our food is our people’s most brilliant invention, and I am privileged to be able to “export” my love of Thai food to people across the globe.”

Television International Appearances

2013                              Chef Mcdang teaching principle of Thai cookery in Bishulim school 




2012                              Judge around THE WORLD IN 80 PLATES (US)

2011                              Guest appearance on Voyage Channel, Street Food Around the World 


2011                              Guest appearance with Donna Perkins, Andiamo 


2010                              Guest appearance with Gordon Ramsay, Gordon’s Great Escape 



2009                              Guest appearance on NZZ Channel,Thai Food documentary

2008                              Chef Mcdang at CCA 


2008                              ANTHONY BOURDAIN, No Reservations (USA)

2004                             JEFF CONWIN, EXTREME CUISINE CITIZEN PICTURES (USA)

2003                             TASTE TAKES OFF TO THAILAND 2004 (New Zealand)

2003                             CITY CABS/ Letter boxLocal TV Show (UK)

Local TV Show

2012-Present               ‘MCDANG TRAVEL LOG’, on PPTV Channel

2007-2012                   ‘MCDANG SHOW’, on MCOT Channel 9

2003-2007                   ‘MCDANG KITCHEN WEEKLY’, on ITV Channel

2000-2003                   ‘FATHER AND SON KITCHEN, on ITV Channel

2000-2001                   ‘MCDANG KOO KRUA’, on Channel 5

1998-2000                   ‘MCDANG PLANG ROS’, on Channel 7

1997-1998                   ‘KROB JAKRAWAL KITCHEN’, Channel 9

Newspaper Column / Columnist

2010-2012                   CNNGo (English version)


2010-2011                   KHAO SOD (Thai Popular Newspaper)


1995-2008                   THE NATION WEEKEND (The Local leading English Newspaper) 


1994-Present               DAILY NEWS (The most Popular Newspaper) 



2013-Present               Consultant, BANGKOK AIRWAYS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. (PLC)

2011-2014                   Exclusive Events Chef, DUSIT INTERNATIONAL

2010-2014                   Consultant and Food Ambassador, SODEXO, INC

2006-2012                   Consultant and Advisor, BETAGRO GROUP

2002-Present               Marketing and PR consultant, SIAM WINERY CO.,LTD.

2001-2009                   Consultant, BANGKOK AIRWAYS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. (PLC)

2000-Present               Food Product Development Consultant, WAI WAI INSTANT NOODLES

1996-2001                   Consultant, THAI AIRWAYS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD.(PLC)


Present                        MODERN THAI CUISINE

2010                            THE PRINCIPLE OF THAI COOKERIES


2004                            MCDANG GUIDE

2003                            MCDANG GUIDE

2001                            MCDANG GUIDE

1999                            YUM THAI YUM FARANG COOK BOOK

2000                            MCDANG COOK BOOK 2

1998                            MCDANG COOK BOOK

Vision & Mission


Because I frequently travel throughout Thailand, demonstrating my my favorite recipes for my television show and writing my food column, I consider myself primarily a teacher. When I travel abroad, lecturing on the principles of Thai cookery to non-Thai audiences, I become a sort of Thai food “ambassador”. Both of these pursuits are tremendously fulfilling, and help to sharpen my own perspective on Thai cuisine and how it fits into the rest of the world. What has struck me most about Thai cuisine lately is that few people — including Thais –have a concrete grasp of what it really is. It seems to me that we are at a kind of crossroads for Thai food identity (and possibly Thai identity in general), spurring people to develop their own understanding of what Thai food is like. Unfortunately, that also leads to some pretty confused Thai food. There is nothing more disheartening than entering a Thai restaurant abroad, only to be met by an embarrassed-looking Thai owner-chef who apologizes for his food before you have even taken a bite. “Our food is for foreigners,” they invariably say. “You should have told us you were coming earlier.” What is left unspoken is that a completely different cuisine is being served to people — a parallel “Thai food” that has only a glancing acquaintance to the wonderful things we have at home. Don’t get me wrong. I love that more and more people, every day, are tucking into a plate of pad Thai (stir-fried rice noodles in pad Thai sauce)or slurping up a bowl of thom yum goong (spicy prawns soup). I believe Thai food is probably the Thai peoples’ greatest invention, and an integral way to share Thai culture with the world. But I want to make sure people to get to know the real McCoy, the Thai food that grew up in Thailand, as well as the cuisine that has evolved over the past few decades, touched by increasing Western influence and a broader perspective of the world. In creating this social media website, I hope you will enjoy exploring the fundamentals that make up Thai cuisine, as well as my take on the direction in which Thai food is going. I believe that it is a genuinely exciting moment in time for Thai food, a crossroads that will determine how Thai food willbe enjoyed by diners in the years to come. It is my hope that this website – as well as our consulting services, international television productions, and cooking school – will serve as a center of knowledge for all things Thai food: its innovations as well as its fundamentals. So grab your mortars and pestles, and let’s start cooking!