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Gang Omm Si Krong Moo, Spicy Soup with Spareribs


Thai Shallots, peeled and sliced thin 3 heads

Thai Garlic, Peel and chopped 1 head

Fresh large Thai Chili peppers 5 each

Fish Sauce 2 tbsp

Pork Spareribs, cut into bite size pieces 400 grams

Green papaya, peel and shredded 1 cup

Kaffir lime leaves 5 leaves

Water 4 cups

Dill 1 cup

Green Onions,cut into two inch lengths 1 cup

Large fresh Thai Chili Peppers, cut on a bias 5 each

Fresh Thai Lemon Basil leaves, picked 1 cup

Golden Mountain Brand seasoning sauce 2 tbsp

Fermented Fish sauce 1 tbsp


1.Pound together roughly, the shallots, garlic and chili peppers in a pestle and mortar.

2.Put a pot on heat and add the pounded paste to the hot pot. Add a little water

and stir to cook the paste, until it is fragrant but not burnt.

3.Add the spareribs and torn kaffir lime leaves to the pot stir to cook and sear the


4.When the spareribs are almost cooked, add the shredded papaya, stir to mix.

Add the water and bring the soup to boil.

5.When the soup boils, add the dill, green onions, chili peppers and lemon basil

leaves. Bring back to a boil.

6.Season the soup with the seasoning sauce and fermented fish sauce (pla rah).

Bring the soup back to boil again and serve this soup in a bowl. To be eaten with

steamed rice or sticky rice.

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