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Steamed fish custard (Hor Mok Pla)

Steamed fish custard (Hor Mok Pla)


16 ounce snake fish, diced

1 ½ Tbsp. Red curry paste (nam prik gang ped)

1 whole Egg

¾ cup Coconut milk

to taste Fish sauce

to taste Palm sugar

10 each Mussel shells

½ cup Sweet basil leaves (bai ho ra pa)

10 each Mussels, cooked and shelled

1 ¼ cups Coconut cream

2 each Fresh red chili, sliced thin

to taste Kaffir lime leaves, julienne (bai ma grook)


  1. Place snake fish in food processor, add red curry paste, egg and blend it together the mixture become smooth. While the machine is on add coconut milk and season this mixture with fish sauce and palm sugar.

  2. Line the bottom of the mussel shells with sweet basil leaves, fill each shell with mussel then fish mixture.

  3. Spoon a small amount of coconut cream over the curry fish custard, topped with red chili peppers and julienne kaffir lime leaves and steam for 15 minutes or until done, served hot.


To test for the correct taste and consistency of the mousse spoon off small amount and cook in a pan and taste. It should taste spicy sweet and salty but not too sweet. The texture should be like a soft custard.

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